Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Welcome to my print blog! I print and ship on a case-by-case basis so contact me at jawcooper@gmail.com for a more accurate pricing quote.

Because of the time and logistics involved in making prints on an individually-commissioned basis, there is now a 100$ minimum on orders.

All prints are giclee on a heavy somerset-like paper. They are unframed and are shipped in a poster tube unless otherwise requested. (My printer also makes custom frames with plexi instead of glass for safe shipping and instant gratification.)

Rough Pricing for Prints:
small (smaller than 12"x12") ~40$
med (smaller than 18"x18") ~ 60-80$
large (larger than 18"x18") ~ 80$+

Again, these are estimates since each file has different dimensions. I will get an exact quote from the printers when contacted.

Below I have a selection of available prints. I am able to make prints of any work from my website/blog so please contact me if you are interested in a piece I have not listed here. I WILL NOT make prints of unsold gallery paintings.

For payment I accept cash, paypal, or in certain circumstances a mailed check.

1) Email me at jawcooper@gmail.com
2) Make the subject line something recognizable like "Print Inquiry: Devon Fakelastname."
3) Let me know the print you are interested in, and the size you would like it or your budget. (And I'll tell you how big I can print it for that amount.) Also tell me where you will need it shipped.

I only accept orders when my schedule allows. And since it involves a bit of running around town, please expect a week or two turnaround time. Looking for an alternate source for prints? Follow this link to visit my page at Clickforart! Shop online without having to deal with me!

Available Prints


"Pied Piper"



"Cute and Dangerous"

"Brood Parasite"