Tuesday, December 9, 2014

J.A.W. Cooper // Prints / Fine Art / Commissions //


I do not accept individual print requests however below are links to several sites authorized to print and distribute a selection of my work:

INPRNT: http://www.inprnt.com/gallery/jawcooper/

Nuvango: http://nuvango.com/jaw-cooper

1XRUN: http://1xrun.com/runs/Honey_Suckle (SOLD OUT) (There will be a new 1XRUN print released in early 2015.)

Fine Art:

If you are interested in original work and would like to see what is currently available follow the link below:

Available Originals: http://jawcooperoriginals.blogspot.com

Commissions and Tattoos:

I rarely accept fine art commissions - if you love my work and want to support me I urge you to buy an existing piece from a gallery rather than tell me what to paint or draw! I will make exceptions from time to time for long-standing collectors of my work, as my schedule allows of course.

**UPDATE** - I am no longer accepting fine-art commissions as I prepare for an upcoming solo show in August 2015. I may start accepting them again in 2016- but honestly I hate the stress of dealing with unpleasant/ungrateful commissioners and having to hunt people down for the money they owe me so I doubt I will accept them from now on.

This does not apply to commercial projects/commercial commissions which I am always happy to consider!

I do not accept tattoo design commissions. I strongly suggest commissioning a custom design from the tattoo artist who will be executing the piece as they know best the limitations of the medium and how to fit a design to your body. If you are dead-set on using my work in a tattoo I insist that you make it your responsibility to ensure that the tattoo artist credits me when posting the work online or in their portfolio- even if they have altered my work. If you like my work enough to have it permanently on your body please be responsible in ensuring that I am properly credited - and I would love to see photos when it's healed!